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Video and Choreography: Navarra Novy-Williams

Choreographer: Laura Mead, Navarra Novy-Williams

Music: Zachary Cohen 

Orpheus Unsung: Stalactites

Music: Steven Mackey and Jason Treuting

Video and Choreography: Mark DeChiazza

Dancers: Sara Gurevich, Denisa Musilova, Navarra Novy-Williams

Clips 2015-2018

Clear&Sweet: Zoe|Juniper; Ritual Improv; Orpheus Unsung: Mark DeChiazza

Contemporary Reel


Edited Clips of Gibbous Moon, by Julie Bour; Necessity Again, by Jo Stromgren; Grace Engine, by Crystal Pite; Horizons, by, Andonis Foniadakis, Orbo Novo, by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Indigo Rose by Jiri Kilian

Just Dandy

Conceived and Directed by Annika Sheaff. Filmed by Jake Hochendoner. 2016


Directed by Stacey Menchel Kussell. 2017 Ritual follows four dancers as they rehearse in the studio. Their preparation is prayer-like, full of repetition, meditation, ecstasy, and reflection, reinforcing the sacredness of daily practice. 

Set to poetry by Black and Jewish spoken word artist Aaron Samuels, Ritual’s text reflects on his family memories of Passover, an ancient Jewish tradition that celebrates freedom from oppression. Ritual examines the tenacity and resilience that motivates us to keep our traditions and honor our histories, no matter our heritage or creed. 

a blast from the past...


Choreography, Annika Sheaff, 2006

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